EMW was requested by Dredging International Services Cyprus (“DISC”) to construct the revetments and marinas of the Rah Falhu Huraa project in the Maldives, including the groins and offshore breakwaters of all four islands in order to maintain the natural beach facing both the lagoon and ocean side. “Rah Falhu Huraa” development project consists of the first phase of construction of 4 artificial islands in North Male atoll Maldives and will be developed to welcome tree 5-start high class resorts and one support island for all logistics and housing.

The Scope of Work for EMW includes the following:

  • Containment + cross bund construction
  • All rock revetment works for the 4 islands
  • Backfilling/trimming of remaining sand prior to installation of the revetments.
  • Procurement and installation of geotextile quantities
  • Procurement of rock and offloading of the rock barges.
  • Removal of Landing points – created by DI – for barge offloading
  • Procurement and installation of precast L-shape elements, including foundation excavation

Project details
Client Dredging International Services (Cyprus) Ltd.
Employer MESA RF Pr. ltd.
Period May 2017 – August 2018
Location Rah Fahluu Huraa, Maldives
Type of activities
  • Containment Bunds
  • Wet Reclamation
  • Dry Reclamation
  • Shore Protection Works
  • Quay wall construction
  • Supply of Rocks
  • Supply of Precast Quay Wall
  • Access Channel Excavation

Reclamation Works

Rental of all required heavy equipment and workshop support for:

  • Reclamation preparation works and construction containment bund by raised pedestal and long reach excavators.
  • Support hydraulic backfilling and reclamation works.
  • Island formation levelling and natural compaction.

Shore Protection Works

Subcontractor for full scope of works including:

  • Procurement and Installation of geotextile.
  • Procurement and installation of underlayer and armour rock revetment, including Groynes and Breakwater.

Raised excavators were deployed in areas where the seabed level is shallow (+/-2m MSL or less). The raised excavators travelled over the shallow seabed and constructed the bunds and groynes. GPS systems allowed the operators to instantly visualize the required profiles.

Marina Construction Works

Subcontractor for full scope of works including:

  • Procurement and construction of 4 Concrete Precast L-shape marina quay walls up to MSL -3.80m.
  • Procurement and construction of Concrete In-Situ Capping Beam.

To construct the island marinas. The marinas were pumped dry in order to facilitate dry equipment to accurately place the L-walls, while siltation measurements were taken into account on the discharge locations at all times.

Auxiliary Works

Subcontractor for full scope of works including:

  • Backfilling and trimming of island beaches.
  • Dredging of Access Channel and 4 Marina Basins and Channels.
  • Procurement, fabrication and installation revetment utility crossings.
  • Procurement and installation of piling sleeve pipes to be installed within revetment.
  • Backfilling and compaction of revetment and marina quay walls.
  • Levelling and stockpiling for landscaping.
  • Construction and reinstatement of inter-island-connecting bunds and landing points.