Within Sohar Port, which is located in the Al Batinah region of Oman and regarded as the fastest growing port and free zone complex in the world, JV DI-EMW constructed the Sohar Southern Development Package 1 which was an extension of the existing port.

Located near the recently upgraded Southern Breakwater the project commenced with the construction of the Shore Protection bund wall. The Core bund wall were built with material supplied from several quarries.
From this Core bund wall the Shore Protection has been further extended and reinforced with the installation of underlayer and armour rock materials. Each and every single layer was placed individually and underwent precious quality control and inspections to ensure a quality that will be life for years.

Project details
Client Sohar International Development Company
Period May. 2018 – June 2019
Location Oman
Type of activities
  • Excavation
  • Reclamation
  • Coastal protection
  • Dynamic compaction
  • Storm drainage outfall works
  • Quarry management and rock supply

Simultaneously to the Shore Protection works the Land Reclamation works have been executed for the new land. The land reclamation consisted out of excavation and hauling of previous dredged materials from within the port. In addition to the use of the existing dredged material, infill materials have been supplied.

Considering the new reclaimed land will be allocated to Petrochemical and Oil Enterprises high compaction requirements were set by the client. Therefore, dynamic compaction of the existing and new reclaimed soil was executed. Specialized equipment & personnel was mobilized to the project to apply the Dynamic Compaction techniques.

Waste generally is delivered to landfills at designated waste management facilities. In order to reduce the environmental impact of the project, EMW deployed numerous waste skips and engaged a dedicated waste segregation team to separate the different types of waste and maximize the recycling process hence reducing the volumes delivered to landfills.