This is our Core Business and strength. Through careful analysis of the ground conditions, expert planning, and execution, EMW delivers the largest and most complex earthworks projects using the right equipment for the job.

One of the largest projects involving large scale earthworks was undertaken by our sister company GEM at the New Doha Port in Qatar where we excavated 36,000,000 cubes of hard rock material and reclaimed over 20KM2 of new land. The prestigious project was completed on time and within budget.

State of the art techniques enable us to tackle the most extreme ground conditions such as those on the New Doha Port Project. A 250-ton excavator was deployed, the largest in Qatar, amongst a 190-ton excavator and eight 120-ton excavators to achieve the highest possible production rates. At the New Port Project, EMW/GEM excavated and reclaimed up to 90,000 m3 per day.


Over the years EMW and its affiliated companies have installed hundreds of kilometres of Coastal Protection. It has been a preferred contractor for major dredging companies for rock revetment, coastal protection, break-water construction, beach and groynes as well as Acropod and Xblocks installation.

EMW has the capability to deploy long reach excavators up to 280-ton capable of reaching a working range of up to 40 meters. There are multiple configurations available and a combination of rock buckets and grabs as well. Highly skilled operators allow us to achieve high production rates. The jewel in the crown of the fleet for revetment installation are the two 280-ton equilibrium cranes that can be deployed across the globe and can install up to 10-ton armour rocks at a reach of 40m. On Board GPS equipment ensures the accuracy of the placement to allow for exceptional performance and quality within the specified tolerances.


Crushing and screening is an integral part of earthworks, road construction and reclamation projects and that is why EMW operates its own equipment to keep this operation in house. We process material of all types to produce various graded fill, included general, selected and engineering fill. EMW has the ability to crush, screen and blend materials to specified grade for reclamation fill. Productions are monitored through weighing systems on our wheel loaders for visualization in our project dashboards.

Processing of material can be a complex operation as it is important to understand the nature of the processed material as well as the required outputs. This enables us to minimise any waste material and thus keep the project cost lower than they would otherwise be without careful planning beforehand. Often it is required to mix different types of material to ensure that it meets the grading and plasticity requirements.


Like road works, reclamation work also requires precision and accuracy in the placement of the various layers. The Quality control in this discipline is important to ensure that the finished ground is suitable for the ultimate purpose of the area. Reclamation work is carried out by placing material in 20 cm layers so it requires excellent precision that is afforded by using GPS graders and bulldozers. The compaction of the ground after it has been placed is also critical. Depending on the finished area, the ground is usually compacted to either 95 or 98% of relative density, therefore the compaction technique and testing is critical.

One of the strengths of EMW is the ability to deploy a dedicated laboratory onsite for larger projects. We have our own QA/QC team deployed to site to ensure prompt testing and allow for large areas to be reclaimed. On New Port Project in Qatar, EMW/GEM. conducted 50 grading tests per day which allowed us to reclaim 50,000 m3 of land daily. The coordination between all departments is crucial to enable this type of production rate to be achieved.


Our comprehensive transport service will astound you: it is not just about flawless transport to your national or international destinations. You can count on our expertise for advices, licenses, storage and modification. Our specialty: transport of oversized goods or multimodal items.

EMW will accommodate your loads when they cannot be delivered to their final destination. With our great eye for detail, you can count on EMW to modify, refurbish or even upgrade your equipment if needed.

In a globalizing world, EMW is your ideal partner: we transport all types of goods worldwide with the support of several marine vessels docking in Antwerp and Zeebrugge. All destinations can be reached as we follow carefully planned routes by road, rail, sea or air. We have the necessary support departments to apply for custom clearances and inspection of the goods upon arrival at their final destination. Stuffing, stripping, packaging, labelling, storing, assembling, we do it all.


Having operated a major Quarry in Musandam in Oman from 2006 to 2012, as well as in Belgium and Germany, the team at EMW understands the challenges of a major mining operation. We have the equipment to drill, clear and pre-strip, remove top soil as well as build access and haul roads to make the management of mine sites efficient.


EMW, through its parent company, has extensive track records in operating and constructing landfills and remediating polluted SOIL. EMW has got the expertise to manage the main activities of landfill constructions, such as constructing containment bunds, installing and procuring liners and vent systems, capping and landscaping.


EMWs engineers can assist planning your demolition works including, hazardous waste identification and removal (e.g. Hydrocarbon contaminated ground, Asbestos containing materials).

EMW has experience with demolition for steel structures, oil and gas facilities, and bridges. Attack strategy will be pre-defined through detailed method statement to avoid the risks of uncontrolled collapse of any structure and ensure client satisfaction upon the completion of the works.


When doing the earthworks for major road projects then precision is critical. It is important that material is excavated, sorted, and processed to the correct grade and then upon laying the material the tolerances are narrow. It is for that reason that on its graders and bulldozers, EMW installs state of the art GPS equipment to enable it to work with minimal margins of error.


EMW will be your ideal partner for Rental of Standard and Specialized equipment, offering a large variety of services such as Workshop maintenance, Logistic and advises on technical requirement. The configuration of our equipment can be modified to satisfy the needs of your project (Reach, Capacity, Speed).